The TDS-Pro 1000 is capable of evaporating up to 1000 barrels per day, while using 403,200 btu's per evaporated barrel.  The system is a modular design that can be operated as a concentrator or a crystallizer, using a combination of the following skid assemblies.

evaporator skid  -  staging tank skid  -  container skids


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When operating as a concentrator, the system consists of an evaporator skid and staging tank skid.  The volume reduction potential is directly correlated to the influent TDS concentration and the water chemistry.

10,000 ppm = 96-97%

50,000 ppm = 83-86%

100,000 ppm = 67-71%

150,000 ppm = 50-57%

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LOW TDS (<30,000 PPM)

For influent water totaling less than 30,000 ppm, in addition to the evaporator skid, two solids container can be used to separate, store, and transport the solids.  The fill times for a container go as followed.

10,000 ppm = 10 days

20,000 ppm = 5 days

30,000 ppm = 3.5 days

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HIGH TDS (>30,000 PPM)

High TDS influent water that exceeds 30,000 ppm requires three solids containers in addition to the evaporator skid.  The fill times for high TDS influent water go as followed.

50,000 ppm = 2 days

100,000 ppm = 1 day

150,000 ppm = 16 hours

250,000 ppm =  9.5 hours