Excess water volumes are often unpredictable, and difficult to forecast.  Logic's approach to managing excess wastewater is highly flexible, and provides a great solution for environments that are always changing.



We understand the real estate our equipment sits on is a valuable asset to our customers, and carries economic and environmental significance.  The compact nature of our systems allow us to maximize the space available by delivering the most throughput per square foot, thereby costing less real estate, and reducing the surface impact. 



Our evaporators are designed for the toughest conditions in the most remote locations.  We optimize the heat created by our combustion process to deliver high efficiencies in frigid environments.  Additionally, our systems are extremely durable, and built to take the abuse of rough roads encountered during transport.  


Portable Design

The TDS-Pro® evaporators are designed to be mobilized & demobilized quickly, and with minimal equipment and personnel.  We believe all of our systems must be quick and easy to move in response to changing conditions and demands.  We assume nothing is permanent, including the location of our equipment.


Our evaporators are built on skids that allow for safe and easy handling.  Each skid has lugs for lifting, or draw bars for winching, making loading and unloading the equipment simple and efficient.  All skidded modules contain the necessary piping and electrical to create a true plug & play system.



All TDS-Pro® evaporators have the ability to operate as a concentrator or a crystallizer. Both modes of operation utilize the same evaporator module, with no modifications necessary.




Operating as a concentrator allows the operator to generate a heavy liquid by-product that has a very high level of total dissolved solids.  The concentrate can be used beneficially when heavy liquids are valuable to a process, or be disposed of through conventional methods.


Management of solids is one of the biggest challenges to desalination, and can have a major impact on the O&M expense.  The TDS-Pro® has a very elegant approach to reducing the liquid volume to solids, so they can be transported off-site without hassle or downtime.



High levels of total dissolved solids are a weakness for most thermal technologies, but the TDS-Pro® is designed to process water with extremely high levels of TDS.  Conventional approaches to heat exchange use a heat transfer medium which passes heat through a surface area.  We believe this approach is fundamentally flawed for heating TDS-laden water, and therefore have removed the heat transfer medium altogether.